what is prompt?

Prompt is simply a means of encouraging a conversation about mental health at tech conferences and meetups.

This is done by connecting speakers on the subject with conference and meetup organisers, and encouraging community and industry leaders to help facilitate the conversation.

what prompt is not.

Prompt is an initiative of the Travis Foundation. We are not experts in mental health. However, this is a subject we care deeply about, and we have a level of visibility across global developer communities that allows us to help facilitate conversations on mental health.

Prompt is not a substitute for expert advice, it is merely a pointer to such things.

why is this a thing?

“Our <product / service / software> makes developers lives easier”. How often have you heard that phrase? It’s often used by companies that make tools for developers. We’ve said it ourselves.

The real meaning of that phrase, however, is “we make developers work lives easier”.

Prompt is an effort to actually try to help improve the lives of developers, especially those who are affected in any way by things like depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness.

who is behind prompt?

Prompt was started by Eamon Leonard and John Dalton while at Engine Yard, in collaboration with Ed Finkler and Greg Baugues. Since then we have expanded our speaker roster to include Paddy Foran, Julia Nguyen, Christopher Murphy, Karolina Szczur, and Dr. Jennifer Akullian, and are now an initiative under the Travis Foundation.

How can I / my company / my conference / my meetup be involved?

The more people and organizations involved in starting conversations with audiences of developers across our communities, the better. Please contact [email protected] for more details.